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Student Profile: Senior – Noah Trist

Noah Trist has had a dual leadership role this year as President of the student body and captain of the school’s FTC robotics team. In 2016, he was a part of the Centers of Learning team that competed at the FTC World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri, getting to know and helping teams from all over the world. Intrigued by the math and science world, is planning to attend Cal State Northridge and double major in math and computer science. Noah has enjoyed an early glimpse into college, taking Jr. College classes over the past year, starting with Precalculus last summer and then Calculus last semester.

Noah Trist

His electives have been in Robotics, Student Leadership, and Film. Noah has been at Centers of Learning since Pre-K, and he says of his senior class that, “Though we are small, we have been able to do things that would not have been possible with larger classes, because we are all hard working and go-getters. Rody is very creative, Katie is good at managing everything, and I am good at making sure everything gets done; we are small, but we are mighty.”

“Mrs. Eadson has taught me how to be a better leader and work with people around me as a team.” From Mr. Loomis, the FTC Robotics Coach, Noah has learned the importance of mentoring new team members, and he is really proud of working together to build the robotics team this year. Mr. Loomis also sparked his interest in programming and engineering. Noah also mentioned that from Mr. Ledebur, he learned how to make connections between history, math and science. “I want to involve teaching somehow [in my career], because I love seeing connections between things, and then helping other people grasp those connections.” His advice for new high school students is to keep up with homework because consistency will develop habits. “Then really grasp concepts being taught and learn how to think about them, so that you can make those connections with everything that you learn.”

Surprisingly, even though Noah is mostly a math-science person, he also has a love for art and music—especially musical theater. Noah notes that Centers of Learning has prepared him well for college and career. He may be a little nervous, but his experiences at Centers of Learning have given him a confidence and excitement about the future.

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