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Student Profile: Senior – Rody Villegas

Rody Villegas has filled his high school years to the brim! He sees himself as someone who creates atmospheres and he has certainly done that at drama productions, school events, choir, and fundraising activities at Centers of Learning. Not only did Rody produce a student-generated musical drama last year, he unfailingly comes up with new and fun ideas for activities that draw in the whole school-wide family—students, teachers, parents, and other family members. His special memories include seeing people’s faces light up at the events he dreamed up, like the Pumpkin Patch, Winter Wonderland, one-act plays or musicals, where he can “take a step back and look at the faces of everyone who is enjoying it, and realize that something I helped to create is making people happy and excited.”

Rody Villegas

Another thing he will always remember is all of the smaller moments of just coming to school in the morning and knowing that, “There’s always a smile, and someone who is so glad to see you; you come into this great environment, and you are doing your work, but doing it happily.”

He notes that what makes the class of 2018 special is that, “We have a can-do attitude—we are a class of leaders—and we are determined in everything.” He began at Centers of Learning in Pre-K when his parents noticed the school while driving around in the area. He has learned a lot from his teachers, especially Ms. Weinberger, Mrs. Eadson, Mr. Ledebur, and from the school internship he completed in film editing at Living Word Publications. He feels that being immersed in the school life at Centers of Learning has prepared him to be successful in life, “This school instills positive morals, builds your focus and your character so that you become a better person.” He plans to pursue both theater and business at Cal State Northridge in the fall.

Last summer, Rody got to attend the Cambridge Scholars program in England and France. He met students from all over the world and felt totally comfortable and confident getting to know and working with them. He advises new high school students not to shy away from the many opportunities that are given to them. “Go through the doors, because this is the time that you can see what you really like. And here at Centers of Learning, if you really like something, you just have to tell a teacher or administrator and they will find a program to help you meet that goal. Find out what you are passionate about, and dive more into that, because you can do that here at COL [Centers of Learning].”

Producing a one-act musical last year was an amazing experience, and gave Rody a sense of what he wants to do in the future. Throughout his high school years, Rody has sparked events that have the unique quality of bringing the school-wide family together for unexpected fun. There is no doubt that he will bring that same delightful creativity and child-like fun to all of his future projects, where he would like to work in and eventually manage community drama and musical theater productions.

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