Faculty & Staff

Staff with a Destiny to Teach

As students and parents will attest, one unique and highly valued aspect of our school is the teachers. Each of our talented and experienced teachers brings purpose, passion, and the school’s founding vision to their classroom. Each is dedicated to see the students grow academically and just as dedicated to nurture students’ character, compassion, destiny, and resolve—qualities that create young men and women who will positively impact the world around them.

Communication between staff and students and staff and parents is a key in our working effectively as a school community. We encourage parents to freely communicate with classroom teachers and school staff, as our collaboration together helps create a foundation of success for each student.


Debra L. Grill

Sarah Raba
Assistant Principal

Ellie Smythe
Office Administration

Early Childhood

Margo Walkoe
Director of Early Childhood Program
& Kindergarten

Joelle Cabral

Natali Mendoza

Autumm Bradley


Tomi-Marie Court
First Grade

Hannah Trist
Second Grade

Jenni Mickelson
Third & Fourth Grades

Ginny Innis
Fifth & Sixth Grades

Bristen Penniman
Elementary Spanish

Craig Gruenberg
Music & Concert Choir

Junior & Senior High

Christa Eadson
English, Math, History, Student Leadership, & PE

Josh Ledebur
History, Math, & Animal Husbandry

Diane Weinberger
English & Drama

Doug Barker
Biblical Studies & Science

Mike Cattell
Precalculus & Physics

Craig Gruenberg
Music & Concert Choir

Jeremiah Gruenberg
Biblical Studies

Richard Loomis
Science & Robotics

Scott McDonald
School Chaplain & Video

Arturo Moreno

Nancy Roselund
Computerized Graphic Design

Matt Walkoe
Biblical Studies

Stephan Wright