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Student Profile: Senior – Katie Machal

Katie Machal is our current Vice President at Centers of Learning, capping off five years on the Student Leadership Team. She is really excited about attending Moorpark College to begin working on a major in Business and Accounting. Katie came to Centers of Learning in seventh grade when she moved in with her grandmother. Although she was scared, she will never forget how welcomed she felt when fellow students, Rody Villegas and Noah Trist, helped her with her Civil War project, and she knew, “We would all hang out together forever.”

Katie Machal

Katie says she has learned from all of the teachers how to relate to others. In particular, Katie calls out Mr. Ledebur for his honesty and the way that he prepares students with life lessons for the real world, and Mrs. Eadson for teaching her responsibility in leadership. “The teachers here at Centers of Learning teach you social skills. It is a good school to come to if you are shy, because the teachers and the students make you feel so included.”

About the class of 2018: “We are very different individuals, but we always make each other laugh and we work together well.” She believes that Centers of Learning has prepared her to succeed after graduation because she has developed a strong work ethic from the challenging homework. Katie’s advice for new high school students: “Forget the drama. Work hard, and don’t be afraid to try new things. You will be surprised what you can learn!”

Katie’s electives and extracurricular activities have included working in the animal/barn complex, an internship at a publishing company, choir, drama, working in the school office, working at a cafe, and even helping in the preschool. Katie loves being with the toddlers and preschoolers. But she is most proud of her role in school leadership, organizing and creating school events and activities from start to finish. Katie brings her bubbly personality to the school’s morning announcement team, chapel, and school dances so that everyone feels included. “Being in a leadership role is my calling.” She hopes to use her skills in organization, delegation and follow through as a future CEO of a business.

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